Women of Wisdom

Marking the Passage into the Crone Years

Imbolc 2019

In the bleak midwinter, Brigit comes Reflections Gradually light is returning to the northern hemisphere. On February 2, we celebrate Brigit, the Celtic goddess of healing, fire, and poetry, and also Candlemas, the Christian holiday which marks the official end to the Christmas season. Down comes the wreath from the door, and up goes the […]

Winter Solstice 2018

The Dawning of the Light In the northern hemisphere we are plunged into growing darkness as the winter solstice approaches. What if we didn’t know the outcome? What if we didn’t know the sun would soon reach a limit and gradually begin to shine a minute or two longer each day? Our strings of fairy […]

Samhain 2018

Reflections Happy Halloween! The eve of All Hallows, has far outpaced the day set apart to commemorate Christian saints. Samhain (sow -en), October 31, has become one of the most recognizable neo-pagan holidays. It is the “day” from the familiar folk tale phrase “a year and a day,” which was added to even out its […]

Autumn Equinox 2018

Reflections For a moment light and dark are balanced between the hemispheres. Here in the north, summer’s end is upon us. As the growing season ends, the ripening moon shines its lamp for gardeners and farmers working overtime to bring nature’s bounty home. One of the joys of retirement is basking in summer’s lingering warmth […]

Lammas 2018

First Fruits of Harvest Blessings, Reflections Long, sunny days shrilled by the rise and fall of the cicada’s hum carry us from July into August. The first day of August marks the half-way point between the summer solstice and the fall equinox. The ancient Celts named this day Lughnasa (loo-na-sah), after Lugh (loo) a powerful […]

Summer Solstice 2018

Reflections Seductively bright, the summer solstice is upon us. While joyous dances and bonfires into which herbs with magical properties are thrown mark June 21, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, beneath the blazing sun on the Texas/Mexico border, children are being separated from their parents in a drama that lacerates […]

Beltane 2018

Merry May We awake to May Day dawn fresh from the valley of the shadows of sleep. In the northern hemisphere, the earth is stretching itself into green and shaking itself into bloom. May is a time of joy but also of uncertainty. As the song “June is Bustin’ Out All Over” from Carousel, reminds […]

Spring Equinox 2018

Reflections Welcome Spring! Light is returning with a vengeance, but spring’s promise of growth is delayed for us in the northeastern United States as we prepare for yet another snow storm. Someone seems to have hit the reset button for winter. Somewhere, however, Demeter’s heart bursts with joy to see her daughter Persephone rise again. […]

Imbolc 2018

Because I had to be awake early for work, on January 31, I saw the partial eclipse of the moon as she set just before dawn in Massachusetts. Wispy black clouds, tangible as lace, ethereal as smoke, like a widow’s veil, coursed across the glowing orange disc that grew larger and brighter as she sank […]

Winter Solstice 2017

Reflections What lies dormant in the frozen ground? What lives beneath the thick ice of ponds? What hibernates in caves? In the northern hemisphere, the energy of life has left the surface of the world and gone underground. Winter solstice or Yule is the longest night that marks the boundary of the dark and the […]