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Marking the Passage into the Crone Years

Vernal Equinox 2014

After a winter that has been especially difficult for most of us in the northern hemisphere, the coming of the vernal equinox brings welcome relief and renewed hope.

Equinox times, when light and dark are in balance, are ideal for reflection on the balance in your own life. Find a quiet place and time and ask yourself these questions.
• What do you need to come into greater harmony with your life purpose?
• What do you need to balance to bring your desires into being?

As the daylight grows, may your lives move forward with new energy this Spring.

A Walk in March

This hill
crossed with broken pines and maples
lumpy with the burial mounds of
uprooted hemlocks (hurricane
of ’38) out of their
rotting hearts generations rise
trying once more to become
the forest

just beyond them
tall enough to be called trees
in their youth like aspen a bouquet
of young beech is gathered

they still wear last summer’s leaves
the lightest brown almost translucent
how their stubbornness has decorated
the winter woods

on this narrow path ice tries
to keep the black undecaying oak leaves
in its crackling grip it’s become
too hard to walk at last a
sunny patch oh! i’m in water
to my ankles APRIL

By Grace Paley,
Writer and Social Activist

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