Women of Wisdom

Marking the Passage into the Crone Years

Beltane 2015

Welcome long-awaited Spring! We hope you found a way to celebrate her arrival on May Day. Even if you were unable to attend a celebratory bonfire this year, there is still plenty of time to embrace the season’s inherent opportunities for growth, and to use your spiritual fire to light yourself from within and shine that light on the surrounding world. Our special Crone wisdom provides a way for us to bring a unique creativity to this time of abundance and growth.

The days are growing longer, and the earth is responding to the life-giving qualities of the sun as it slowly begins to to bring forth every kind of fruit. Beltane is a celebration not only of the fertility of the earth but also of the fertility of our souls. Let us be reminded to be grateful that everything in the universe is continually being re-created, including ourselves.

A Prayer for Spring

Great Spirit, I embrace this spring filled with gratitude for the increase in the light that brings forth life from my soul and from the earth. Let my heart be fertile ground for the sprouting of your Godseed, that I may be of loving service to my family, my community and all beings.

A Practice for Spring
Close your eyes and take a few letting-go breaths. Gradually, patiently, find your way into the inner stillness. Feel the surging of the lifeforce within that stillness. Meditate on the lifeforce within.

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