Women of Wisdom

Marking the Passage into the Crone Years

Vernal Equinox 2015

After what has seemed at times to be an interminable winter, we welcome the coming of spring and the vernal equinox. Everything in the natural world is revived after a long winter of hibernation. Vernal Equinox translates literally from Latin as Spring Equal Night.  As light and dark come into in balance, we recognize this as a time of renewal, hope and growth – an opportunity to leave winter behind and look ahead with optimism.

As things brighten and warm, we are reminded to renew our commitment to Life and to consider what seeds we wish to plant in the soil of our souls. As we release the past, we can use our creative energies to choose what risks to take, what wounds to heal and what steps forward we will take.

Let us unfold and awaken, receptive to the incoming light.  Celebrate the New.  Affirm the change you seek to bring to the world!
The circle turns once more
and we, the children of the elements
watch in wonder.
The stately dance of the planets
As Mother Earth sings her tune
of life, of death, of re-birth.
Day and night, now equal,
in this time of fire.
The sun kisses the earth
Fills her with a heat, deep, deep down
and she responds to his gentle caresses
by showing her bountiful,
lustful, beautiful face.
And by giving life to all things.
As he rides out, he grows in power
in the everturning of the wheel.
And slowly, o so slowly
the cosmic dance continues.
The Wheel of Life is in the fertile phase.

By Penni Currie

Melody Lee, Karen Edwards, and Dorothy Emerson, co-creators

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